Ready for a life upgrade?

The notion of upgrading is regularly spoken about. Upgrading your phone, your software, and your airline ticket. But what about your life- where do you need to upgrade? What areas are you ‘making do’?

Upgrading can bring up lots of mind chatter.

‘I shouldn’t spend money on that’ ‘What will people think- maybe they won’t like me?’ ‘It’s ok, I should be grateful for what I have got’.

However an upgrade can be essential in our growth. We may need to go to the next level, however scary it might be. It is important to utilize your skills and design the life you want.

If you need help with the maintenance of your home, invest in a cleaner- even if it is just a couple of hours.

If your accounting books are all over the shop, hire an accountant who can help you straighten them up.

If you are surrounded be negativity or elements of your life that consistently make you feel bad- time to set some boundaries.

Here are 5 ways you can make upgrades in your life:

- Check in on your chatter

What or who makes you perpetually angry or generally annoyed. Make the decision yours- either rectify the situation or choose to take another stance on the situation. A change of perspective will encourage new positive thoughts- you just have to make space for them. Don’t sweat the small stuff.


- Notice how you are beginning and ending your day

Just a few tweaks in the morning and evening can have a huge effect on your life. Take stock of your morning routine and tweak where necessary to set you up for an excellent day. Likewise notice your behaviour at night so you can encourage a restful and relaxed slumber.

- Treat yourself

Where in your life are you just making do? Identify what it is you actually want, it could be an item, a luxury, or way of life. Get clear on what that is and make steps towards it. It may not be something that you can do immediately, but as soon as you recognize what the vision is your brain will click into action and help you find solutions.

- Eliminate

Notice what is doesn’t feel good to you. It may be an old piece of clothing, furniture that is broken, or processed food eating habits. Don’t put pressure on yourself to change it all in a day but notice over the next week where you are making allowances and be conscious in your decisions and surroundings.

- Keep account

Start to write down your goals and your aims so you know what you want. In keeping track you will increase your commitment to the change and will able to track the progress you have made and congratulate yourself.