If you just did the basics, what would happen?

We had 30 hours away... if felt like a fortnight... in a good way. Not because my boys are boring 😂

I replied to a few necessary emails but no more than that. I inhaled that slightly stingy sea air and walked nearly 40,000 steps. Obviously a new environment meant there was a lot to discuss for our toddler. He didn't speak for months and now he does not stop. I mentioned last week that more family adventures were on my 2018 list. We didn't do anything crazy... well apart from going on the pier which still plays tricks on my mind... actual spinning rides on a few wooden rickety planks over the sea. WEIRD. There was an interesting debate  over @charlotte_philby page today.

Go and have a read and follow.

Society's version of success can be very different to yours and that is fine. In fact it is brilliant. I started my podcast because I wanted to discuss this. Success for me isn't a mock Tudor mansion, symmetrical eyebrows or working from my yacht (I mean a winged liquid eye liner is different!).

It is about acknowledging that I can create my own version; spending time with my family and still selling courses, receiving enquiries from women I would love to work with and positive feedback from the podcast. (These are just a few...)

Of course it isn't all 'laptop lifestyle' there is a lot of hard graft, ugly cries and moments where I have to check I put pants on. But what is easy is the vision. I know what I am going for so I know where to focus. Even though I regard myself as a lucky person, this stuff doesn't happen by accident. What's your version of success?