the last four years of my life have been the most game changing and fulfilling career wise

I had a realisation yesterday that over the last few years I have changed the shape and rhythm of my life. 

Four years ago, I was freelancing and doing a lot of commuting. The travel and money would not have supported a family (I have a 3 years old and one cooking). Nor my ongoing desire to have a pic ’n’ mix career full of lots of elements that I love. 

My Mum broke her wrist on Saturday and now that she lives down the road, we can be a great support to each other. 

My man pal has started a tour, my flexible working can allow me to be at home and maintain consistency for our boy. 

Our washing machine broke and I could order a new one with next day delivery. As I can work from home, I can adjust my schedule accordingly. No Miranda style running as I realise I have a ‘whilst you were out’ which was actually delivered ‘whilst I was in’.

I had a hospital appointment yesterday which I could walk to and get some steps in. I had a hairy three minutes waiting for the baba’s heartbeat, only for the doctor to realise she was using a dodgy doppler which needed a new battery. She said she should have realised as the light was flashing. The NHS are amazing but blimey, I had to prepare myself for leaving that appointment with a different outcome. I was on my own and so was so glad I could process slowly and quietly and I didn’t have to go back into an office for small talk. As I was there I could pick up my Mum’s painkillers and save her job. 

I can create my own schedule. I have put structures and systems in place to create passive income, new opportunities and ways to grow my business without necessarily being in the room. Yesterday’s working hours were 8am-12pm and then 7pm-9pm. I was able to be productive in my business but also get what I needed to get done in my life. 

This is not a humble brag but simply acknowledging a moment in time. Four years ago, I didn’t quite know how any of this was going to be possible. I just knew that I really wanted it to be. 

This of course has all been a work in process and I don’t profess to know all the answers. There are days that are messy; with not enough sleep and a to do list which is not shortened as quickly as I would like but I do have a framework that works for us and our situation. 

I have shared much more of this story here