How your teenage years can help your adult years

Ah, the teenager years…. Confusing, emotional, high drama and a high level of hair spray to heighten my perm. Can you imagine this with a perm? Woah! Yes, that’s right.

I was invited to go and see the Big Reunion a while back, at Hammersmith Apollo- a night packed full of 90s hit songs and an abundance of screams. I’d forgotten the screams!

Many memories came flooding back and brought a smile to my face. The smile stayed as one of the bands played their number one hit and I realised that I wasn’t wearing cream trousers and a camouflage top as per 1995 and I wasn’t embarking on a 16 hour school bus trip to Germany.

Although the teenage years bring many awkward situations and massive changes, there are definitely elements we can reflect on and use in our adult lives. Only this time we have wisdom and experience to guide us and the knowledge that crop tops and crimped hair don’t suit everyone…..

Here are 5 ways our teenage self can help us.

1)   Attitude

Many teenagers will tell you exactly what they think. It may be a rant or an eye roll or a shoulder shrug, whatever you see you know exactly how they feel. During my sessions clients ask me if it is ok to feel the way they do? Or mention they are doing something they really don’t want to do because they couldn’t say no. It is ok to say how you feel. Shoulder shrugs are not recommended but sometimes we all need to communicate better. Lots of energy is wasted dancing around an issue and a simple no and a short explanation can be a better outcome for everyone.

2)   Network

During those years you know so many people. The teenage years provided a double edged sword; knowing lots of people so you knew when the parties were or latest gossip but negatively if something went a little pear shaped, everyone would know about it. We have access to so many people now, many of whom will know the answers you are looking for. Tap into your social media and start to ask questions. From experience, most are very willing to help or they may know someone they can put you in touch with.

3)  Your skills

 Take yourself back to your school days. What did you love? What did you excel at? Who were your favourite teachers? There may be many skills you are not utilising or you’ve just forgotten you are good at. Have a read of old school reports, they may reveal a few gems.

4)   Mind chatter

 I often hear clients say ‘I am too old for that’ or ‘I’ve lost my confidence’ or ‘I don’t feel like me anymore’. Find something nostalgic- some music that takes you back to another time. Put yourself in a different head space. You Tube is a great resource for looking back. Going for Gold, Fun House, combat trousers on Top of the Pops- what’s not to love! What reminds you of your teenage years?

5)   Book in a teenage day minus the homework. Hanging around, sitting in pubs on a Thursday afternoon, endless long conversations on the phone, debating life and how you feel about it- schedule a date for yourself. Many of us work too hard so treat yourself.