Where's my dream- is it on its way?

Do you ever suffer from impatience? Yes, me too. We now live in such a fast paced world – we don’t like to wait a second.

So you have done the work i.e you know what you are going for. You know what your dream or goal is. You know exactly what it is looks like.

But where is it? Most importantly is it near or at least on its way?

You’ve probably taken a lot of action up until now.

You have overcome some hurdles, had some successes and stepped out of your comfortable zone. It may have been a challenging time so you are keen to see results now.

You are now at the point where you may be starting to question things and doubt may be starting to set in? Is it worth it? Is all the effort going to pay off?  Or should I just stay as I am?

Never fear…

Here are five strategies to help you keep the vibes high and speed up the process.


This is absolutely key. You have to keep believing and this starts from the moment you wake up in the morning. Take some time to take stock. Mornings are notoriously busy- but keeping a positive mindset can have tremendous results on your day. Notice what you are saying to yourself- are you being kind? Eliminate anything that makes you feel negative or stuck and do what feels good for you.

2.Get even clearer

You will probably know what you want to achieve- now I want you to drill the goal down to a simple sentence. By x date I will be x. So if you feel stuck throughout the day this short sentence can help you regain focus. It will also be a measure for decisions if you receive an opportunity. Will this take me closer to my goal?

3.Start a daily habit

You may have been taking consistent action that is going to take you closer to your goal, but what if you started to do something every day. How would that change things?  Look at your diary for the week ahead and schedule daily actions. Notice the results every night so you can keep track of what is effective.

4. Do something different

You may have heard of the phrase- throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks? It’s now time to get throwing…. Try something new. Let your imagination run wild. Don't let yourself get stuck...just because you've always done something doesn't mean you should continue doing that. 

5. Start a sentence with ‘what’

Following on from step four, I want you to start to brainstorm alternative ideas and play around with them. What if someone gave you £100- what would you do then? If you had a free day with no commitments- how could you use it to get closer to your goal? If you could interview with your role model, what would you ask them? What help could they give you? What if? In exploring these options you may find you can execute the ideas ie you can find an extra £100 or your role model may have a book or an audio you could purchase.

I would love to hear about your progress.