Fizzing with ideas...

I took some time off. I took a step back. I turned my phone off. I closed my eyes and napped. Oh I love a four day weekend.

Yet I haven't really done this before. I was brought up to work hard. To strive for my dreams. To be exceptional.

Now I am 35 I don't have daily pressures from my parents, I put these expectations on myself and it's not always a good thing.

Since becoming a mum; my time is even more limited. I work in nap times, early mornings, after hours and when I have childcare.

I try to squeeze as much as I can into my day.

However the squeeze continues into all areas of my life... and I notice I start to rinse my self care. There is too much late night laptop time. There are too many 'to dos'. I don't top up my downtime. Then I quickly go into overwhelm.

So I did something different.

I stepped back.

I turned off the inspirational stories about 'about how they did it' and listened to my own wisdom.

I gave myself permission to enjoy where I am at and trust what I have to offer right now... not create more. 

I just allowed; the time to pass, the fun to occur and to be fully in the present moment.

The results?

Clarity. It came thick and fast. I figured out where I am up to and what I want.

Space. I used this picture specifically as it reminds me of a time when I closed a lot of doors in 2014. I decided to be open to opportunities and trust the right ones would arrive.

Ideas. They have come thick and fast. I have woken up this morning fizzing with ideas but also answers. Everything seems a little clearer.

More time off is definitely the way forward...