One of the biggest surprises as a mother (and it is nothing to do with the baby bizarrely!)

Before I was a mum; I had visions that the 'me time' I would crave would be massages, getting my nails done or some light shopping- that's what they say in the films. It would be all about relaxing.

But I was wrong.

Here is actually what I wanted and then found a way to make it happen.Time to be quiet. To be able to just day dream. To be alone with my thoughts. To remain inspired; to go to talks, surround myself with inspiring women who have STUFF TO SAY. To spend little time discussing nappy cream. It's not an uplifting topic for me

I wanted to invest in myself again. A bouncy hair cut, excellent underwear, mega hydrating, luxurious skincare. Clothes that felt like they were made for me and my new shape and didn't make me look like I got dressed in the lost property PE box. Education.

So how do I make this work eh? Earning money and being mother. Being present but staying sane. Cultivating my creative dreams but remaining in the present moment. I needed answers so I invested in courses, workshops, coaching, books and watched A LOT of YouTube. I remain determined to figure it out. 

Yes of course, a massage wouldn't go amiss but the daily pull is more towards my dreams and having my own version of 'success' with my family. 
I have coached over 700 people now. I know, big numbers and I LOVE IT. 
Sessions are available over Skype, FaceTime or Face to face.