I am speaking at Stylist Live!

Sooo I am on the website @stylistlive So thrilled to be able to share that I am going to be speaking on the Spark stage on the Friday. I'm so honoured to be speaking alongside so many speakers I admire. Also 9th November happens to be my birthday. Hello 37! 
I have had @stylistmagazine on my goal list/vision board for about 5 years! I know that sounds a long old time but when you are ready and it is your turn, things move quickly. 
If you are in the fog of 'when is this EVER going to happen' It will I promise. If being an actor has taught me anything, it is to be patient. (And to take every opportunity to wear leg warmers!) Please let me know if you are going to be there. I would love to see you 😘

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