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I have been day dreaming about St Lucia this week as this time last year I was there. This was a return visit- we first visited in 2013 and fell in love with the country and all its gloriousness.

The last visit was slightly different, I was pregnant (around 14 weeks) and had just come out of the puking/sitting on my bathroom floor/scoffing endless kettle chips (lightly salted- in case you are interested) in my gob phase and was starting to get some energy back.

We stayed at the Body Holiday which is a gorgeous, all inclusive, luxury resort, where you are effectively allowed to be a PIM...otherwise known as a pig-in-muck. 

There are lots of sporty options- bootcamp on the beach at sunrise but obviously not compulsory. Apart from a bit of water aerobics and yoga, I got myself set up in one of the day beds (see below) with a stack of magazines, books and snacks for the majority of the week. Bliss. 


Part of the package is a daily treatment- a massage, a facial, a scrub- you can pick and choose. There was only one I didn't take to which I named the Kilroy topless circle aka 6 massage chairs in a circle. You know that crucial time when it comes to removing your top (usually in the privacy of your own room) - this treatment was out in the open. When you know others are about to do the obligatory shimmery of the garment, I would gently avert my eyes. Not everyone did- my bronzed, slightly wrinkly fellow holiday maker to my left (hence the nickname of Kilroy... Robert Kilroy Silk lookalike) took that exact moment to settle in... the fixed gaze...the creepy stare...the perhaps photographic memory?! 

The food options are immense. You could eat from morning until night and we did. As I wasn't drinking, I throughly enjoyed the grub and just when you think you are full (definitely are but greedy), the afternoon tea trolley of delights appears. 

So if you are looking for a sporty (light/heavy), pampering, scoffing, relaxing (aforementioned PIM) type of holiday on a beautiful sandy beach, I would highly recommend it. Plus it was whilst lying on the beach staring (no doubt in a fairly gormless way) at the Caribbean sea that I felt our baby move for the first time, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. We may not be back for a while as courgette and baby rice puree is currently on the menu, but I hope it won't be too long. 

Body Holiday