Send the email

Go on I dare you. I know it can be tempting not to. It is kind of safer that way eh? Not knowing the answer may be no is easier than actually hearing no. 
But what if you got a 'yes' What if your email landed at exactly the right time? What if someone had been looking for you and there you are all dazzling and ready in their inbox. 

This year my word had been emerge...for a long time I have played small. Perhaps it is my Northern background...Don't be a nuisance / Don't get in the way / Don't show off / Don't get ahead of yourself. 

Sooo what have you written down in a dozen notebooks (I know you have them!). What is constantly on your to do list and never gets ticked off? 
Take a deep breath and press send... let me know what reply you get... #sendtheemail #bebold #goforit #inbox#pitching #dreambig