The secret weapon shoes

I can't believe I have never talked about these numbers which have been in my wardrobe for maybe 10+ years.

They were purchased from Office in an impulsive moment at a reduced price but I knew they had to come home with me.

Despite being silver.

Despite being higher than the moon- I learnt the hard way; they are not for stomping around on a bar crawl (however much you drink to numb the pain). They are more suitable for laying down ! (Don't worry there isn't going to be a gross TMI here- MP isn't keen on them and 'doesn't get them') 😂

Despite being highly impractical, they remain in my wardrobe for me and for others mainly during photo shoots when we need to be FUCKING UNAPOLOGETIC. 

Sorry to get all was the shoes talking. 

Theeeese shoes make you stand up and look sharp. 
They make you feel like you are coming up through the stage like you are a Smash Hits poll winners' nominee from 93'

They basically make you step into you...where you are shining the brightest when you are not worried about what others think, or you are stifled with fear or when you doubt yourself. 
The shoes have powers...available to borrow when needed. 
They are a size 5 but I have been known to help a size 7 lady tip toe in them whilst I crouched on the floor provided a support.

This is just one of my confidence tools when I know I need to 'own it'

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