Who is doing what you want to do?

So who is doing what you want to be doing? You may have one person in mind. You may have a list of five or six or someone who inspired you to get started. 

Role models can be great platforms for keeping you focused, inspired and direct. I am not suggesting you try to emulate someone's career exactly- as you know this industry offers each individual twists and turns. However we can always learn something from those before us. 

Here are five pointers which may be food for thought: 

1. Who? 

Firstly identify who. Who do you connect with? Who have you watched from afar? Whose work inspires you? Who do you follow? 

2. Why? 

Get into the specifics. Avoid phrases such as 'I just like them' try and figure out why. This could be gauged by completing a brain storm. Maybe their name in the middle and then reasons around the outside. 

3. Notice any similarities

Perhaps your group of inspirational actors always choose interesting, left field, unusual work. Maybe he or she combines acting with other creative pursuits- directing, designing or writing? Perhaps you admire their ability to combine their home and work life? What are you drawn to? 

4. How did they do it? 

Notice their history. Research how they begin and their journey from then until now? What creative decisions did he or she make? What made them stand out? How did they get ahead? Where was the turning point? Who do they work with? What is their success story? 

5. Borrow and make your own

Now to implement. What can you learn from their process and use in your own life? What patterns, habits, mindset techniques can you 'make your own' to get ahead. Perhaps they have written a book or recorded lots of interviews. Listen carefully and pay attention to the detail. Again, break it down into baby steps, you don't have to do everything.