The Four Hour Work Week / Tim Ferriss || Book Review

The 4- Hour work week by Timothy Ferriss has accompanied me on a many a long commute.

Rich in content and strategies, this book is sure to question your current approach and productivity.

This book is not just for the entrepreneur- it is a must read for everyone who wishes to design their own life. How many times do you catch yourself doing something which isn't in your job description or wasting time on a thankless task or believing this is the only way to do something, even though it doesn't works.

But can I only work four hours per week? (cue uncomfortable, uncertain cough and shuffle in my chair?)

Many people actually enjoy what they do and can’t imagine condensing to just a four hour week. What would they do the rest of the time?

Timothy does not ask you to aim for four hours. What he offers are strategies to enable efficiency and questions your systems that run your home and work lives. Many of us spend the majority of our lives running around, trying to get everything done- but surely there is a way to do this without feeling frazzled and slightly do lally.

Timothy emphasises the importance of systems, spending the time initially to structure your business in such a way that it effectively runs itself. He shares his own leadership techniques that he implemented with his own staff, so you can concentrate on growth instead of being inundated with the daily trivial questions that can answer themselves.

This is an inspiring and motivating read- be sure to take action on what you learn immediately (He often refers to sections as Questions and Actions) and you will see magnificent results.

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