Living in the present with one eye on the future

I know so many people talk about living in the present moment and think it is so important. So often we can get caught up in planning, social media, notifications, our endless to do lists, that we seldom take time to soak in what is happening right here right now. 

However there is a balance. Just focusing on the now, closes off our future thinking or what we are building. For years, I thought planning ahead was a bit boring or constrictive. I wanted to have that spontaneous excitement at all times. 

After years of doing this and expanding so quickly, I have to plan. I have to optimise how I use my time. As a Mum of one, nearly two, I get more done these days. I don’t have time to procrastinate (I’m not perfect btw I can still regularly get stuck down a scroll hole) and my language and communication is much sharper. 

I share a framework in my working smartly course (£100 off until the weekend) but I wanted to share 10 strategies to help you step into the future you. Read more here

1) I have a pic ’n’ mix career.

I love what I do. I endeavour to be intentional but also I am realistic. I have down days or sometimes things are stressful but on the whole life is good. I am grateful for those great moments and don’t dwell on the other stuff. When things go pear shaped I always try and find the lesson…what can I do next time or what is this teaching me. I am positive and resilient but I am by no means Alec Baldwin’s character in Friends…’Look at this night, look at this place’ etc etc

2) Focus on the gains.

Keep your eye on the ball my friend and head towards it. As you are part of the human race, you may face some distractions, self doubt, emotions or wobbles of confidence. Knowing your specific end goals here will help you keep momentum. 

3) Who do you need to step into? 

Moving out of your comfort zone can make you want to run away. This is when you build your tool kit and vision of future life. What does that version look like? 

4) Start as you mean to go on

No faffing, no excuses, just solid consistent action, no matter how small. Question your actions when you feel busy… are these actions leading you to your chosen destination. A great book I highly recommend is ‘Eat That Frog’

5) Deadlines

No more vagueness. Let’s get specific and put a date on it. ‘After the baby’ or ‘Over the summer’ or ‘This year’ is wishy washy. Get used to looking at your diary and scheduling. As Marie Forleo says ‘If it isn’t scheduled, it isn’t real’

6) Expect triggers going to the next levels.

As you move through to the chapter, expect some much needed decluttering. Your brain aka your operating system cannot continue how it has always done. It will need to let go off old beliefs or information. As you see them come to the surface, it can feel a bit icky. Don’t worry, it is all normal. 

7) Get help

From people who get it or have done it. Don’t open up your business problems to your regular circle, no doubt they just want to protect you which is brilliant but may not be able to provide the conversation you require. 

8) Remember it is possible for you too

One of my most popular posts on Instagram was about people becoming millionaires even though they can’t correctly use ‘ You are’ or Your’. You are ready to make this happen. Please start showing up now. Notice who is doing what you want to do. There are so many opportunities in the digital world. Keep looking and learning. You can do this and you can start now. 

9)  WHY 

Remain connected to it each and every day. What are you doing what you are doing? What is pulling you forward? What do you want your legacy to be? Be really specific, don’t be vague and simply say ‘I want to feel like me’ or ‘Because I don’t want this’… get into the nitty gritty. 

10) Tell people

Please don’t forget to tell people how they can pay you, experience your services and what results you can provide. I know so many people feel shy about ‘going live’, I promise you it gets easier.