How do I pay you?

'Book a discovery call'
'Send me an email to find out how we can work together'
'Visit my contact page and fill in the form'

I talk about this in module two of my Personal Brand Plan in detail but I wanted to share some free strategies today. This is not necessarily about pricing i.e. you don't have to share your prices but I, as your potential customer do need to know what I can expect...the process and whether we are going to be a fit. 

When we are expanding and looking for extra support we need to quickly get to the decision stage... to book, to pay, to collaborate. Sometimes when I have been looking for this support, I have found it frustrating that I can't move forward sharpish. 

My time is so limited these days so I need to act quickly. If you are not sharing how we can pay you, you are losing out. You are losing the potential customer who has landed on your website and losing out on the sale because you are not sharing what you do. 

Soooo share examples, results, benefits and nitty gritty.... You can access the course immediately (perfect if you have an extra pair of hands today) and join us for the live online session on Tuesday at 7:45pm. DM for a cheeky discount code. All the details are here >>