Who is paying you?

The topic of money is always a juicy one especially when there are no rules in the freelancing/personal branding/small business space. 

So the rules we create for ourselves are based on (1) what other people have charged before us (not forgetting these numbers could be outdated or not a true reflection of the value they provide) (2) How we value ourselves; our experience, our skills, our talents and our self worth. 
Yes, juicy.

Over the summer last year, Matt was on tour. He is an amazing partner and father, however the nature of the job meant that he was away... as in not at home and I was running a business and looking after a toddler. 

I knew I had to make some changes in my business. I couldn't rely on just the 1:1 nature of my coaching because I was so limited in time. 

Plus I couldn't guarantee I would be available in the evenings. A toddler who is teething and not a great sleeper anyway can bring up all kinds of changes in directions. 

This was all pre nursery too so I didn't have any consistent full days. 

Sooo I knew I had to get creative. I had to look at alternatives way I could share my offerings and support but in a way that would suit my circumstances. This is when I started building online courses. They sold. They got results and because they were bought by many women who were trying to juggle motherhood and business too (not all) they were digested in a way that suited them i.e from their sofa or during nap times. Not everyone is available for a 1:1 either. 

Watching those before you or alongside you is great for inspiration but it doesn't always align with your circumstances. Don't be afraid to switch up the way you work and bring in another dimension. These days I do lots of 1:1 and small group work but also the online courses are a great revenue stream too. 
If you want to include a passive income stream to your business, I share more here