I sold two books in labour that paid for my taxi to the hospital...

Don't worry, that's where the labour part ends :) You may have heard me share this story before.

Back in 2014, I wrote a book. I wrote it in 6 months alongside a full time job and a coaching business. I had two wonderful editors and on the whole, it was a great experience. Between you and I, my second book maaaaay be in the mix :) This book still continues to sell frequently and earns me passive income.

Here's what I have learnt from this experience, passive income and missed opportunities:

1) Systems are key. My book is set up to be sold. Everything is delivered without me...the check out process, the book delivery and the money into my bank account. It is tried and tested and people can purchase whenever and wherever they like.

2) It is a wonderful low cost product. The book is about being an actor and combines my skills of being an actor for over 25 years, an agent for 5 years and a qualified coach. To be able to share this information one on one would take me days. Sharing in a book form allows the information to fly and scale. It continues to be the book that I wish I had and I know the value of that.

3) I made money in an easy way when my body was in a state of labour, discomfort and transition. Making money doesn't need to be hard, it doesn't require you to be always there and you never know when people may want exactly what you have to offer.

4) Not everyone needs you 1:1 and quite often, it may not be a financial option. It is a a lovely introduction to your work, plus I have noticed many of my readers have gone on to become 1:1 clients. If you don't have something to share that doesn't require you to be there, you are missing out and so are your customers. The technology is manageable, there is a solution for exactly where you are right now and you could change someone's life with your experience and knowledge. This sounds dramatic but it is true.

I know many people rule this option out because they don't know where to start or whether it will work for their brand. Believe me, there are many options for you and they will provide more ease and flow into your business. As I scale my business and expand my family, I am not looking for stress. In fact I am all about doing something once and giving many times and doing it with flow and ease.

Please think about how you could change things up in your business.