How to create an outstanding environment

There are many ways our environment can change the outcome of your day.  A gloomy sky as you open the curtains, endless traffic on the way to work, noisy neighbours, harassing emails…the list can go on.

The reality is life is always going to throw you some challenges and trickiness. However you can choose how you react to them and put yourself in the best position to be able to face and overcome any difficulties.

Here are five things I have been testing this week that I would like to share.

1.Clear the baggage you are carrying around

Not the emotional the physical…. the enormous, ridiculous handbag (or bulging pockets) of stuff you don’t need. I am pleased to say mine can finally breathe again. Old receipts, Kirby grips, to do lists, random finds you didn’t know you were lugging around with you. Decluttering will make you feel automatically back in control and ready to take on the day. It will actually save you time in the long run as you will know where everything is and distress the morning panic!

2. Manage your state

Start the day saying something positive to yourself about and think about something you are looking forward to that day. Tell yourself it is going to be a good day. If you begin with a 147 reasons why the day will be rubbish, challenging, or difficult it probably will be and worse. Smile, put on something that makes you feel great and embrace the day.

3. Be selective about who you talk to and when

If you have an important presentation to complete don’t engage with people that make you feel negative or stressed beforehand. Likewise if you need a boost or surge of confidence phone someone who knows you can do it and makes you feel brilliant.

4. Make conscious decisions at the end of the day and then actively close down your mind

If you have outstanding tasks to complete, don’t spend all night worrying about them, instead write yourself an action plan for the next day and then relax and refuel. Start to observe the mode you are in- working or relaxing and don’t try and combine the two. Give yourself a break, if you are finished, switch off. Don’t be tempted to think about work when you are going to sleep or peek at last minute emails- give your brain a break.

5. Consider your sleeping environment

Move all electrical devices and clutter from your sleeping area to avoid being disturbed during the night with flashes of emails and unexpected beeps.  Notice what you see first in the morning- if it is unopened bills or a mountain of madness, consider having a clear up and create a relaxing haven for yourself.