How to create an online course

When I had the 'career chat' at school, I said I wanted to be an actor.

The lady with the different coloured eyebrows (one white, one black- no less) asked me if I had completed the questionnaire to see if there were any other options. 

There was...prison officer. Now I love a good old police documentary but I don't think it is the same thing. 

Since the beginning of my 'proper' working life; I am not including the waitressing years wearing mustard... they do not need to be discussed, as with most of us, my career has evolved. 

I have had many career highlights but many moments I am not proud of; where I said yes when I should have said no, when I undersold myself, or did things that didn't light me up...I did them because I didn't have an alternative. Or at least I didn't think I did. 

At the beginning of 2017 I want to challenge myself; I wanted to go to the next level in all areas; visibility, doing more of what I loved and financially. 

My 1:1 coaching packages are my premium offering. But I knew I had lots of information to share so I decided to create some lower cost options. My book and audios for actors sell well but I wanted to create some more practical elements. 

Of course, at first I felt stifled by the technology but I figured it out even though I can't code, didn't have a massive budget and was scared of moving out of my comfort zone. 

But I am pleased to say everything is up and running now. I am able to help my clients and give enormous value but I don't have to be in the room.

Of course, it takes time, attention and energy to create the course and then of course to market so I can welcome new members but I don't have to be there physically AND the great thing is neither does the client. With limited time and sleeping children to look after in the evening, it can be difficult to get out. Offering your services in this way could actually be what your client is looking for...

In fact since I launched my Personal Brand Plan for Parents, I have been thrilled and comforted to see how many of us there are!

As parents we need flexibility and need to keep the money flowing...we can't just wait for one person to pay us £10,000.

For members of my Personal Brand Plan, I am going to do a Facebook Live where I am going to be answering all of questions on how I did it, how I knew what to offer and the technology I use.

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