My one year podcast anniversary

Yes indeed. Today is the one year anniversary of my podcast.

I wanted to start five years ago. I was spending a lot of time in the car on the motorway listening to other podcasts. At that time, it hasn’t occurred to me that I could start one. Surely the technology would be too complicated to master? What would I say? Who would listen? Isn’t it just people who have 7 figure businesses living in California who can do this?

The idea popped into my head again 3 years ago. I was marching (more like dragging!) myself and my baba around my local streets hoping for a nap in the buggy situation whilst I gained some much needed career clarity and direction with the help of a podcast.

However most of the time, I just felt disheartened. The vibe was very bold with messages of hustling hard, ‘killin it’, doing the grid or being a rockstar. None of that resonated me. Success was/is never going to be working 18 hours a day and not seeing my family.

I knew there must be other people who felt like I did. Those who wanted to explore a different way. I was intrigued to find out how other people defined success.

So I decided. I set a date.

I learnt the technology I needed.

I asked my lovely man for editing and moral support.

I asked people I knew and didn’t know to be guests.

I thought about what I wanted to talk about. I set a schedule.

I booked in the interviews. Nine months later I started to do solo episodes. I remained consistent.

In a nut shell that is what has happened. I have made the content, people like/love it and they share it. The number of plays grow day on day. No tricks or skipping the work. In true, it has never felt hard work.

We have made 110 episodes. It is listened to worldwide. It often charts in the top 100 business podcasts. I love making it and will continue to do so.

Now over to you? What do you want to create or begin this year? Big or small? What has been on your mind? What reoccurring idea excites/infuriates you at 4am? I would love to know.