How one phrase can change everything

I love an inspirational quote, I always have. My late grandparents had a huge influence in my life and were always sharing words of wisdom- many of those phrases stay with me now.

A quote can be great to give you a kick start or to simply reaffirm you are doing the right thing or propel you into action. 

One of my favourite phrases is ‘Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t’.

This is a real game changer in terms of mindset. In starting the sentence with an open question, it automatically clicks your brain into ‘solution mode’. You start to look for answers, open up possibilities and look out for opportunities.

I want to take you through an exercise to help you step into action. The only word you will be need is 'WHAT'.

Step One

What is going well for you? What are you really thankful for in your life? Often we don’t take time to reflect on our successes. So take a moment now to have a positive brain storm. Don’t just focus on the big things- explore the details- sometimes that is where the magic is. In order for us to believe there is 'more' coming our way, we must take the time to check in with what we already have.  

Step Two

What would you like? What are you looking for? What do you want more of? For the purposes of this exercise, focus on just one area, but you can use this technique again and again. 

Clearly write down one area you would like to focus on. Love | Money | Relationships | Job | Passions etc etc

 Sum it up in a sentence or two. Get clear on the detail. If it is a change of some sort, build the vision. What do you want to change? What will you gain? How will you know if you have got there? 

As you know, I don’t believe in the mindset of ‘I’ll just see what happens and comes my way’. So really pinpoint what you want. This will give you so much information to help you hone your direction.

Step Three

What can you do? I would like you to write down 20 different options on how you can solve this problem. Don’t be limited by time or money, simply write down possible solutions. This is your time to use your creative thinking. If you run out of ideas, ask yourself ‘What would your role model suggest’ Or ’What would you do, if you had a extra £100?’ or 'What would you do if you couldn't fail? Keeping the pen flowing...

Step Four

What is missing? What haven’t you covered in step 3. What else could you do? What else do you need to do? Do you need to work on your confidence? Do you need to get more sleep, eat healthily or book a gym session? Maybe you need to structure your time so you are more efficient? Write down 10 more solutions.

Step Five

What are you going to do? So, today is Monday. What is your focus for the week. Time to start planning. Take a look at both lists and notice your 30 solutions. Have a look through them and choose the ones that you believe are going to provide the greatest results. This doesn’t necessarily mean in the shortest period of time. This is clicking into the strategic part of your brain and starting to formulate a plan.