Nurturing Mums | Session Three

Lovely to see everyone again. Great to catch up and exchange how sleep has changed since last week. We are still loving (and very grateful for!) The Sleepyhead

Session three was focused on First Aid. Not the jolliest of topics, but as a parent it is absolutely crucial to be equipped with the basics. I realised that my First Aid knowledge was sketchy with only a few strategies lodged in my brain from my days at the Brownies. I was also awarded a badge for making a cup of tea so I don't think that medical knowledge would get me very far. Although you do often need a brew in a drama once everything has calmed down so I'm your girl!

We met Betty who was fantastic. Many of her teachings were broken down in such a logical way, explaining the 'what ifs' alongs the way. As sleep deprived parents, our hands were up and down, 'Could you repeat that again' 'So just to clarity..' Betty was so thorough and reassured us by answering every question in detail.

I came away realising the importance of safety. As adults, we can sometimes find ourselves 'winging it' in situations and automatically trusting that everything will be alright. Being responsible for a baby, you can't take any chances as it really can be a case of life or death, unless the appropriate action is taken.

If you are a parent, I urge you to take a course and top up your skills. This is one of the many reasons that Nurturing Mums is so great as within this structure you learn the skills without having to organise it yourself which you may not do. It took me five months to book a haircut after all. Read more here in my 'First Six Months of parenting'

I left today's session feeling inspired and with a view to increase my knowledge in the hope that I never have to use it.

Next week is weening I think so looking forward to asking my 7+ month questions as my son seems to have an appetite which is suited to a 24 hour, 'All you can eat' buffet! No wonder he loves a shopping centre.

Plus you can also read my interview with Lucinda, founder of Nurturing Mums below.