Nurturing Mums // Session Four

Week four was led by the lovely Sam Perkins from Happy Eaters and as my baby moved on to solids about 3 weeks before it was perfect timing.

Weening in the parenting world seems to a new chapter that many are scared of. From about three months onwards I got all the questions/advice:

'When are you going to start weening?'

'Are you going to do baby led?'

'Maybe if you stopped breast feeding and got him on a bottle and some food he would start sleeping?' (Not true by the way- we are still having several parties per night)

All of the sudden pressure is all you need when you haven't really slept since October. So I went back to basics and after a discussion with my partner decided to do what we always do- find a combination that works for us, tweak as we go and remain flexible.

So we began with a little baby rice and then trying one vegetable at a time. We took it slowly and trusted our instincts and watched our baby.

However I wasn't sure how to then make the leap from a few spoons of puree to finger foods to three meals per day.

Sam gave us an outline to follow based on what a baby needs nutritionally. Plus many pointers on how we as parents can make the process enjoyable and relatively stress free.

It was such a reassuring and refreshing approach and it gave me the confidence to be experimental with my son- after all food is such a highlight of my day, I ultimately want him to be someone who loves tasty grub too.

I had been cautious with the types of food I had offered but I found that I did have more options as long as I followed the guidelines and supervised.

A week on, I have been offering lots more finger foods and turns out, he loves everything. In fact, he is quite angry if he is not offered a taste when others are eating.

During the course, every week is a brilliant reminder to not get sucked into the madness of what 'everyone else is doing' and instead listen to your instinct and your baby and incorporate the nuggets that work for your family. This course is the perfect forum to ask questions (however daft they may seem) and get information that is specifically tailored to your baby with practical strategies that you can implement.