Nurturing Mums // Session Five

Our final week of the course. The 5 weeks have flown by and baby and I have really enjoyed it.

Today's focus was play and development. As a new parents- the days can be long and the nights, if awake, even longer.

For the first weeks, you are in survival/recovery mode and the baby is on a cycle of feed, burp, poo, cuddle/hang out and sleep- most of which just requires you.

However once your little one becomes more alert you question if you are 'playing in the right way'. This seems daft but being responsible for your child and their development, you want to do the 'right thing'.

I have always worked on the basis that the baby does have toys to explore but I shouldn't underestimate how much he is learning about the world by just being with me- not that I am a globe trotter (getting to Manchester was a huge feat) or a Noble Peace prize winner ( out Crouch End!) What I mean is he is learning by example about every day life- you know, the basics; socialising, cooking, cleaning, communicating and generally being out the world.

As new parents we can beat ourselves up and question if we are doing enough. The answer is yes and my response is don't beat yourself up. 

The session was led by Gabi from Movers and Shakers- a class we are familiar with as we are weekly fans. Gabi gave a great overview of how our babies brains' will develop over the first year and lots of activities we can do with our babies at home.

We ended the session with singing and baby couldn't believe his luck- his face was very similar to Peter Kay's stand up when he turns in slow motion with a glint in his eye because the buffet is open. If there had been a buffet too well... (see why in this blog here)

Sadly we have reached the end of the course, but looking forward to seeing everyone at the social later this month. If you know a new mum, I can't recommend the course enough- we hope you love it as much as we did. 

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