I am not your partner or mother in law (yay!)

Yes that's right. But you already knew that.

Everyone has an opinion these days. What you should wear, how you should parent, whether you are coping and whether there would be a better cupboard to put your mugs in (there isn't... I like them where they are and this is a conversation that occurred the day after I got home from hospital after having a baby?! )

I speak to mums all the time in my coaching sessions and everyone is looking for a 'better' (on their terms) way. Less stress, more time with family, doing stuff they love and ultimately makes them feel REEEAL good!

Often my sessions start with 'I have this idea' or 'I do this hobby at home, I am just wondering if I can turn it into a business' or 'becoming a mum has made me so much clearer about what I want, I just need a plan' The answers are 'I'm excited to hear it' 'Often yes' and 'Let's build it' This could be the first time these thoughts have been aired out loud in a serious way.

There is no judgement and my role is to help you figure out a solution which is often not as far away as you think!

If you are nodding to any above  (hopefully with a heavily caffeinated drink- I'm on my second) then drop me a message or if you have heard one of your pals dreaded going back to work after she has had her baby, point her in my direction. There can be another way.