Why I have to say no to Breton tops

Let's be vulnerable... (clearly sweating as I type this...' )

I am so interested in the 'behind the scenes'. Yes I love gloss and a brilliant flat lay but what about the 'work in progress' stuff. 
In my new coaching package 'It's time'. I decided to share. To share the stuff I have done that has scared me. Even if it makes me more vulnerable or less shiny. Have a read here:

At the end of last year I rebranded. I spent hundreds of pounds on a photo shoot, a new wardrobe and hair and makeup. 
My job requires me to be visible. To connect, to speak out and to empower others. I couldn't do that half heartedly. (BTW I didn't feel ready to do the shoot; insecurities about my 'new body' came out to play. I had to ignore or at least tell them to quieten down.)

This is an example of something I tried but is so not me. I am not a breton top wearer... I look frumpy, short and like a children's tv presenter who has outstayed her welcome. It makes my boobs look like a shelf. I bought the top because I thought I should but not really surely why... because I am 35? Because I am a mum? Because everyone else calls it a staple. I know I am better with a V neck that displays a little rack...! Have you ever done anything...just because everyone else has?