Nurturing Mums | Session Two

So lovely to see our group again and catch up on the week. There was a lovely little soft play area this week which my son enjoyed- although only 6 and a half months, he loves a pub and enjoys shouting at the top of his voice. Lairy teenage times I fear…perhaps similar to his mother’s…uh oh. 

This week was sleep week. As someone who has had broken sleep for 6 and a half months, I was ready for advice, strategies, tips, the whole shebang…bring them all on!

We met Maryanne, the sleep consultant, (check out her great tips here) who was so welcoming. We each in turn shared our current sleep situation. It was really fascinating to hear everyone’s experiences. There really isn’t one ‘normal’ situation. Maryanne shared some excellent, actionable tips (she know her audience- nothing too complicated for bleary eyed mothers!) all without judgement. Sleep seems to be one of the markers that your parenting is based on by others. ‘Is he sleeping through the night?’ Errmm nope. Next follows a series of awkward faces and nods. But it was a lovely atmosphere here. 

As a first time mum, you have never done this looking-after-a-baby-lark and however 'good with babies’ you were before, it is unlikely you have consistently been in survival mode, only existing on a few short hours kip per night. 

Today’s session was really reassuring- I had a real sense of all will be ok. I felt pleased that we were doing some of the things that Maryanne shared but also picked up some nuggets to try- including playing white noise. We have some occasionally noisy neighbours who are in a band (I won’t got into details as we have a baby so don’t really have a leg to stand on!) so the sleep soundtrack of You Tube’s finest Cornish crashing waves (!) seem to help block out new nightly sounds i.e the amp being switched on (yep, it’s true. *parents with babies gasping in horror*) 

Our baby enjoys a nightly session of gymnastics and often wakes himself up with his twists and turns. We purchased a sleepy head - despite the madness of the price- turns out you will forego a potential visit to a European city (similar price) for improved sleep. Anyway it has been great for us, but as I mentioned, just listening to the other stories, every baby is different. 

Equipped with a hand out, we marched home to implement the strategies and make a plan for that night. Turns out the obedient student fell asleep in my arms on the walk home…teacher’s pet!

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