9 years with an 'Out of Office' on

I am having busy dreams at the moment and windows of being in the ‘wide awake’ club. Usually I drift off again, but it is interesting to see where my brain will go. 

The other night I was calculating how long it may be until both kidlets are sleeping through. It took Oscar around three and a half years so maybe 2023 :) But I am open to it before obviously. 

There will be nearly a four year gap between them and this has suited us fine. We both earn and contribute and love what we do. Taking time off for me until the kids both go to school isn’t an option as much as I love our time together. 

I know everyone has different circumstances and I fully support individual choice, however I did the Maths for our family. If I put my work on hold, I would be doing so for 9 years. 

That is the equivalent of the years spent at primary school and two A levels years combined. That is a lot of time. 

From 2015 to 2024 I imagine technology will change dramatically. When I did my coach training back in 2012, Instagram wasn’t really a thing. I was only using it to take arty pictures of my pub lunch with a heavy filter. These days, so many of my clients find me this way. 

I think about the opportunities missed. The sleep deprivation has been so tricky at times and obviously the juggle is real but I can honestly say I have never felt so fulfilled in my career. Finally I have a portfolio career that is sustainable, profitable and scaleable. I genuinely love what I do and when people ask me what my plans are, I say ‘More of the same, please’.

I was also questioning what would have happened to my confidence and self belief. I know the only way to work through Imposter Syndrome or moving out of my comfort zone is to face it and crack on. 

The longer I have to ponder or procrastinate, the more blocks I put in my own way. You don’t learn to drive by reading books about it, you have to get in the car. 

I know the summer is coming and so many of us want to take some time off. This is so important. However don’t close off your creative mind or opportunities to grow. I rarely get my ‘great ideas’ when I am sitting at my desk. They come when I am out and about and living life. If you get inspiration, acknowledge it. Don’t hide it away until September, you won’t remember. 

Remember you don’t have to be working on your business for 18 hours a day. A client of mine was sharing that she likes to work on her business/herself for an hour every morning even on holiday. Her husband is snoring away so she utilises the time and it sets her up for the day. That hour supports the rest of her day and actually allows her to switch off.