How to make space for more of what you love

As you know I love combining my passions- coaching, acting, writing, blogging, creating- all fuel my creative, curious mind.

Over the years, it has been difficult to explain 'what I do' as it is my own combination, my own unique recipe. It is difficult to put my career into one box...and I love that.

But this wasn’t always the case…

When others were confused by my career explanation, I would feel my head go down, I would lose eye contact and I would make a silly joke instead. I would feel embarrassed that I didn’t fit into a category.

Now I fully embrace it.

I love that I have a varied career and I am not stuck in a job that limits me and makes me just live for the weekend and dread Mondays. I am not one of the 'lucky ones' I made this choice. 

This is not to say everyone should leave the 9-5 and become freelance-it is important that you do what works for you. Everyone has their own needs and requirements and I am a huge advocate of designing your week on your terms to welcome fulfilment.

I want to encourage you to make room for the stuff that you love. I want to say it is ok to create your own blend that works for you- you may be working in the city by day and teaching yoga by night. Or perhaps you are a teacher who spends the holidays rock climbing or preparing for your art exhibition.

Your unique combination makes life interesting. 

We can carry our to do lists through life, whether they are written down or just in our heads.

The daily list...

e.g. the washing, pick up parcel from post office, buy 'x' s birthday present, return the calls etc.

The near future list...

e.g book the accommodation for so and so’s wedding, file tax form, get a better deal on the gas and electric, book holiday allowance at work

But what about the fun list? 

The one that begins with ‘one day, I will….’ but is often limited by time, resources, money etc.

e.g Draw, write a book, do a bungee jump, create a home office, book a yoga retreat, chop all your hair off, learn how to make the perfect meringue etc etc.

What would you like? What is missing for you?

Here’s a five step exercise to help you uncover the next steps. 

Step One: Create your 'one day' list

What would you do if you had all the time and money in the world? What would you say yes to? What would you do? Where would you go?

Using the Be | Do | Have exercise is useful… write down everything you want to be, everything you want to do, everything you want to have.

Let the pen flow and don’t limit yourself

Step Two: Notice your limiting beliefs

Our mindset can be very powerful in steering our direction. I want you to bring your awareness to your thoughts and vocal patterns. How do you get in your own way? What do you tell yourself?

Look out for sentences that begin with:

I’m too old/ too young/ not good enough / clever enough / strong enough / experienced enough/ thin enough.

You are enough.

Consider your list and write down any additions that you may have disregarded the first time. 

Step Three: Choose one thing

Have a look at your list and decide to take action. Choose one task or hobby you would like to action. 

What could be the first step that will begin your new path?

Perhaps you want to become a better cook? How could you start small? What could you accomplish first? How could you begin? What tools/materials are available to you? Break down the process to avoid overwhelm. 

Step Four: It's ok to fail

Seeking perfection can keep us procrastinating. I like to excel at things, but there are many things that aren’t in my zone of genius and am completely hopeless at. However I have learnt that if I am to succeed, I have to be open to trial and error. I have to be able to ‘get it wrong’, to have a go and mess up the first, second and twentieth times until I find my feet.

Keep the task upbeat and lighthearted and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 

Step Five: Find a support network

It may be learning with a friend or joining a course or workshop where you can meet likeminded people. A support network can be fantastic for accountability. Often at the beginning momentum can be high, but quickly wane, so having an accountability partner or the motivation of a weekly group can increase your succeed rate. 

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