Speaking at Moo

This week I have been out and about and spoke to the 'MOO Crew' at their HQ in Farringdon. It was a great session and I throughly enjoyed meeting some of the London team and going transatlantic via technology to include two of the American teams. 

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You can find out more about their beautiful business cards here and if you would like to purchase some, drop me an email nicky (a) be ready coaching (dot) com and I can send you a £10 credit to your account.

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I am always very happy to share my knowledge, a joke or some strategies with you and your audience. Please note my areas of expertise below- I have zero knowledge on sci fi or war films but happy to chat about what I do know :)

  • Sharing my coaching tool kit | How a life coach can help you: Goal setting | Limiting beliefs | Boosting confidence | Overcoming overwhelm | Combining your passions | Doing what you love

  • Working as a freelancer: Life as an entrepreneur | Designing your week on your terms | Remote working | Combining your skills and your interests 

  • Being multi passionate: I share my story on how to have a varied career- i.e I don't have one 9-5 corporate. I can share tips on how to get started | keep motivated | building your networking and how to hustle!

  • Being a working mama: The juggle of being a great parent vs enriching your own desires and remaining inspired. 

  • Actors and Creatives: Getting started | Ask me anything: agents/castings/rejection/getting your dream role 

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