It's no secret that I love to dance and have done since I was four. Never the thinnest, never the longest or the bendiest but always the most enthusiastic!

As you can see, I am casually groovin' in my high waisted velour trackies (beach fashion 89'?) on my Granny's local beach Porthdafarch ( you KNOW I am that show off who can say the longest Welsh train station 🐲)

I actually love Mondays... but I know that is probably because I love what I do.

Monday moves are all about the moves you are going to take to get you closer to where you want to go (life or business) here are a few of mine, what are yours?

👠 N U T R I E N T S

My kiddo has the most exotic, vitamin rich diet but I find myself being so busy I just grab beans on toast. Time to get some greens back on my plate. Also going to go to @planetorganic to see if I can get some sugar free alternatives that taste good and some find some excellent shiz to go in my smoothies.

👞 S E E

I spent some time with washi tape and my extensive collection of sharpies (waaay) yesterday and created a bit of collage above my desk; a wall calendar, inspirational quotes, stuff that makes it obvious you are at my desk. Ultimate aims from this; Get clear on vision so my ideas flow and action is taken. Less time spent gormlessly staring into space and when I have no focus I become doubtful. Also I would quite like to be a Blue Peter presenter.

👟 S T R E A M L I N I N G

I am making some changes in my business and also I am increasing my prices on my 1:1 services. I am coming up to my 5 year anniversary as a coach and really good at what I do so time to make some adjustments. Will share more shortly.

Now to leave the bed and check on my breakfast experiment (see stories)

I would love it if you share one Monday move you are making..