The missing parenting / career conversation

Night time routines, feeding preferences, which nappy cream is the most effective have all been part of our conversation in our house. The first few months of being new parents were hard; a hungry baby who didn't really care for kips, two freelancing parents and discussions that had never arisen before...mainly because they didn't need to. 

Underneath those important points (as they were integral to keeping a small human (and ourselves) alive after all) there were many other questions. 

Before we became parents, we both stated we wanted to still remain creative and do what we love. As I mentioned in my article for @makemotherhooddiverse after the first hazy weeks had passed, I had a huge surge of ambition and creativity. I wanted to be a present, loving parent but I wanted to make money in a way that lit me up from the inside outside out. I didn't want to spend my hours away from my child feeling rubbish/underwhelmed/resentful. Plus I want my son to see ambition and 'making it happen' as a great thing. 

Many of my clients carry lots of questions when they consider going to the next level. 'Who am I to do it?' 'I feel terrible leaving my child' or 'If I do x does that mean I can't do y,z'

I really hate the chat about the juggle, firstly because men are never asked this but also because it is not something that can quantified. Plus we have to get real, we all have bills to pay. Spending every waking minute with your child (and there are a lot) is neither practical or healthy. I never assume that I am the person that can give him everything and I certainly can't give my best if I don't have money in my bank account. 

There have been many discussions about our plans for the rest of the year and it is likely there is going to be some travel and adventures, some for pleasure and some for work.  

Of course it isn't a case of 'Off we go then' with our knapsacks on our back (you know the rest of the song...) it takes thought, consideration and planning. 

However it is possible. Technology and systems can be your best friends. Knowing your own version of success can help you reverse engineer the process i.e. if you know what your end point is you can plot the steps you need to take. 

Would love to know your thoughts and what other things you would like to do for you this year...