All about Videos | What I use to make my videos

Making videos and introducing yourself to the internet can be terrifying. Proper scary. 

I skirted around the issue for yonks. I didn't feel ready. What would people say? How would I begin? 

This went on for way too long. I quickly realised, I just had to get on with it and stop wasting time procrastinating about it. 

A year on, I'm so glad I did. Making videos has stretched me out of my comfort zone. I have had to enter the world of technology and figure it out (however operating I Movie for the first time invited an onslaught of expletives and need for gallons of wine). 

Making videos has enabled me to connect with my customers and my online following and increase my revenue. 

People get to know you and as someone who works directly with people, this was essential. 

As a coach, my clients want to get results, they want to make changes. In order to do this, it is essential they feel supported and have trust in my abilities as a coach. 

Being on film has accelerated this process. It has encouraged familiarity. Plus I have been able to capture the storying of others.

Here are my favourite pieces of equipment which have helped me to make it all happen. 

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