Make money whilst you sleep?

I actually thought this was a myth. As a freelancer, I have never had an annual salary, mostly an hourly or daily rate. I would show up...I would get paid. Until the beginning of this year... I started playing around with passive income when I started selling my book in 2014 but at the beginning of 2017 I really started to see the value and the potential. 
Since having Oscar in 2015... I now have to and choose to work in a different way. 
In the early days, I could no longer just rely on cashing in my time for money. Mainly because the times I was free and my baba was settled was around 2:17am for approximately 21 minutes which was not conducive to giving my all in a coaching session. Or filming an acting job. 
I had to get creative. I love to work but also I like to work on my terms. Over 100 online products sold later...I can safety say I have figured it out and I know I will never work in the same way again. 
There is so much potential in the internet.

Of course, I had to get over my reluctance of 'I am not good with technology' or 'It is weird to get paid and not be there' or 'What if it doesn't work' 
There have been the occasional hiccups, where a customer can't access a page but very very few. I have been surprised too. Through hard work and simply doing it, I have found a rhythm and my own preferred way of working.

I really believe so many of us are leaving money on the table and ignoring options that could make 'life' work better for us. 
There is oodles more information here and a step by step guide >>