Lumie Light | An autumn/winter essential

I am naturally a morning person. I love the burst of light peeking through the curtains and the sense of anticipation of the day ahead (less so since having a baby, mind you?!) 

Mornings and my creative head are best friends. Ideas just seem to flow. The process is easy. Unlike the evenings... my brain is often in shut down mode from about 8:30pm and only good for dinner, casual chats and sofa/telly time.

A couple of years ago in the UK, we had a really cold winter. It never seemed to get light,  and whatever time of day it was, the sky often greeted you with a grey shrug. 

This interfered with my morning routine. However motivated I was, the duvet started to feel cosier. My office felt further away and the darkness outside was telling me to go back to sleep. 

So as I often do, when faced with a challenge, I hop on the internet. 

This is when I found the Lumie Light

I am going into my third year with this light beginning my morning and it's great. The dials are a little fiddly (you just have to show it who is boss!) but I am so happy with it overall. Plus it is great to use in the night if you are up with a baby and don't want wee in your face! :) 

You can set it to gradually stream light into your room, so you wake up naturally and calmly. There is also a function that decreases the light in the evening so you can relax gradually (this is not necessary for me- I am fast asleep quick smart). 

You can also add an alarm in too for a safety precaution which I would highly recommend if you need a little more urgency or you are in a deep sleep. My man pal doesn't even finch at the light coming on so adapt it to suit you. 

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Another great accompaniment to my morning has been the Miracle Morning book. Find out more here