I am feel so lucky to do what I do

I am feel so lucky to do what I do.

Big thank you to all the women I have worked with this week. I know I am coaching you but YOU inspire me also. I also take away so much myself; ideas, thoughts and 'Ohhhh I never even though of that' It is never easy to actually be willing to uncover that niggle and do something about it or make changes when you are sleep deprived, emotional and would love to stick your head under a duvet.

But you do it. Yes as your coach I am here to support you but you do the hard work; the late nights, the potentially awkward requests to your loved ones 'I know we have always done 'this' but I need a little more of 'this' and taking the action to move to forward when it is easier to just stay the same. 

I'm now off to a casting... another passion of mine. Plus I can't say I don't love having a child free train journey and 5 mins with my own thoughts. 📷Taken from my living room with no filter!