'I can't believe you are still here, babe... I thought you were going to be long gone'

Yikes. Even just typing this bring back all the emotions. 

Nothing like a passing comment from someone you hardly know to make you reflect on your life and feel like a big old failure. 

The truth is... We have all found ourselves in temporary situations that turn out to be pretty permanent even if it makes us sad. The weeks do go by really quickly, if we don't check in, our lives can pass us by. Sometimes there is other stuff going on (3 family deaths in quick succession) so you have a need to keep things 'normal' and safe' where you can. 

So what can you do? 

 Listen. You know the answer. You know if it is time to leave. Be prepared to listen to your gut instinct that may as well be slut dropping in neon to tell you 'IT IS TIME' 

 Get practical. What could you do to make the situation better? Complaining, wittering and whinging quickly gets boring to you and your pals around you so brainstorm your options.

Give yourself the treat of allowing yourself to figure out what you want and what is important. Your life is truly precious and galloping by. You don't have to make do, or just be grateful for what you have or only give yourself permission to excel in one part of your life. You deserve so much more, my sweet pal.