Linked in nonsense aka How note to do business

Does anyone else receive about 200 of these day? For me, it is networking nonsense and makes me immediately want to delete.

Here’s why:

1) It is so obviously copied and pasted- this dude is playing a numbers game

2) The phrase ‘Let’s connect’ makes me want to throw up in my own mouth.

3) It is so generic and doesn’t tell me anything.

4) It isn’t enticing in the slightest and makes me do the work ie the person hasn’t told me anything so I have to investigate.

5) I can’t imagine this version of ‘Putting yourself out there and networking’ will be effective.

I know so many people struggle with getting clients or standing out or how to sell themselves and I am not going to promise there is a one size fits all because there isn’t. In fact it is important you find your version so you can do things that feel good.