Interview with Ky and Owain | Lick Yogurt

Back in 2014, I attended the 'Be Fit' exhibition in London and came across the 'Lick Yogurt' stand. I was drawn to the eye- catching logo at first and started chatting to the team whilst trying the product- which is delicious (plus healthy- bonus)

I was instantly drawn to their story and how the company was built and how it is now run.

Two guys, one trike and one beach during the school holidays was how it all began. Now 14 years later, Lick Yogurt is distributed nationwide and came out on top during an independent consumer test at Cardiff Metropolitan Food Centre, 2013. 

I was lucky enough to go down to Brighton to their warehouse to interview Ky and Owain and hear more about their story and how they achieved their success. 

We talked about:

The importance of a partnership

How did they developed their team

The impact of introducing the music/ art etc

The branding process

Impact of social media

The preparation for the pitch to other companies

And strategies for success….

Big thanks to the team at Lick.