Interview with caring sleep consultant Kerry Secker

I first came across Kerry on Instagram. I loved her approach; a caring solution to sleep for babies.

Our baba hasn't been one of those 7am-7pm but has certainly improved. Seeing Kerry's sound advice and reassurance was wonderful.

There is so much noise when you have baby and I have been offered countless 'friendly' advice that has often been delivered in a 'Er, I think you are doing it wrong'.

I loved chatting to Kerry and hearing about how she set up her business. 

  • Her transition from working full time to working flexibly to suit her lifestyle

  • Utilising her existing skills to build a business based on what she was already doing

  • How she stepped into her niche and grew her own USP

So many inspiring and insightful nuggets which will be super useful for those who are perhaps thinking about starting their own business.

Big thanks to Kerry. You can find out more about her caring sleep packages here