It's time... yes, your time. Right now.

Yes it is. You know it. You can't ignore it any longer. All the signs are there. You know you need to shake things up a little; try something. If this is you, read this: where I talk about 8 mega scary things have I done in the last few years. Plus you can gain free access to my course for introverts (worth £99)

Here are a few things I have done in the last few years (all of which were scary!) :

1) Left a job I could have easier stayed at- it was comfortable; I liked it, I was good at it. But it didn't fulfil my creative ambition. 

2) I had a baby- all 9 pound 10 ozs. A 3 day labour, emergency C section. I will spare you the full details. But I am so lucky to be his mama, I adore him (obviously got a little choked up writing this). 

3) I changed management. Again, lovely people. I could have stayed. But I knew I need to push myself to make some bold moves

4) I turned down the opportunity to cast for a job that would pay me £12,000 for 2 days work. A huge amount of money but it didn't align with me and sit with integrity- I need to play the long game.

5) I spent £600 on yoga classes. Yep. A huge investment again but if I don't have my core strength or mental agility I am pretty hopeless to anyone. I was the worst in the class but I needed to rebuild my body after a heavy baby, a knackered back and 13 months of breastfeeding. Sometimes you have to go all in (and not look in the mirror the first few times). Bizarrely after committing to regular classes I can now do some poses I couldn't do before I was pregnant.

6) I have streamlined my services. I have ditched certain elements I no longer want to do, I have increased my prices and only say yes to opportunities that expand me.

7) Rebranded. I spent hundreds of pounds on a photo shoot, a new wardrobe and hair and makeup. My job requires me to be visible. To connect, to speak out and to empower others. I couldn't do that half heartedly. (BTW I didn't feel ready to do the shoot; insecurities about my 'new body' came out to play. I had to ignore or at least tell them to quieten down.)

8) I moved everything I do to I used to have two separate sites; but I realised I was hiding behind a logo. To be the best coach to serve my clients, I need to be me; to show up, to relate, to support and to listen. 

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