A visit to Ikea brought a lot of clarity (and tea lights)

Phew what a day... 

BIG DAY; early start, IKEA, a big old supermarket shop (You know the ones when you don't really buy food... mainly stationary I don't need and toilet rolls and nappies that will last is 17 years !) lunch, play, sleep (toddler...I worked) then I have been shooting a film this afternoon.

However it feels a great way to end the month.

This afternoon's acting job was the fourth in as many months. I said to my agent today that I had a goal to get three jobs this year and I am pleased to say I have surpassed this goal with four months to go.

The thing is ...when we get clear on what we want...things move quickly. So are you ready to 'ace' the next month ahead. What do you want? 

I have coached over 700 clients now...here are some of the popular phrases that keep my clients stuck, confused and in a place of limbo...

1) I have an idea but I have no idea where to start...

2) I have so much going on right now in my life...is this the right time?

3) I know it is my time but I am scared...what will people think?

4) I want to go to the next level but my to do list is soooo long, I feel completely overwhelmed...

5) I don't have the time, knowledge, money, network, resources to make it happen


6) I have so many ideas, I move forward a bit, then I lose momentum/miss a day/get too busy... I essentially fall off the wagon and can't get back on.