Behind the scenes of my headshots | 6/6

6/6 and went for pink! I know- I wasn't sure either at first but I think it works. I know it will work 'in the box' which is the audition casting submission box as hopefully it will pop. Just a black vest in a photo makes me look like I had to urgently get dressed to answer the door or someone who had won a competition (not based on talent/physique) to star in Chicago on a 'make your dreams come true' type show.

You may notice a little hint of 🍉🍉I had stopped breast feeding a couple of weeks before so ideally would have waited a few weeks. But you know what, however long I arsed around, it was never going to be the right time. I could always find something to make me delay. Hopefully this little series will give you that shove to crack on; it may be upgrading your shots, videos, website, branding. It is never going to feel perfect. So take the pressure off, take the first step and do what you need to do