Behind the scenes of headshots | 3/6

Headshot 3/6

Nicky Raby

I have massive creative plans for this year. I know I have stuff to share/say/create and I need to get it out there. Ultimately I am a story teller in my writing and acting and I am determined to contribute to sharing stories that matter, evoke thought, invite conversation and create impact.

I'm not that into the artistry of one's eyebrows or the precision of a fake tan. When I worked with Jennie (Jennie Scott Photography), I had done a lot of planning in advance but also wanted to add a spontaneous edge to the day. I didn't think about putting these tops together but somehow they worked.

This is going to be a useful press shot. When I was thinking about the mood and intention I hopped, skipped and jumped to the future me... the casual 'oh yes, the new series. Yes I did act in it, yes. Oh the script, yes I wrote it. Plus it was such a pleasure to be one of the executive producers!'