You give and you give and nothing... (ten quick strategies for you)

So often this kind of conversation comes up with my clients so here is a little top ten run down of how you move past this...


1) Running your own business/being a personal brand may just be the biggest personal development journey of your life. Go easy with yourself. You will find your rhythm quickly in some areas and in other you will make mistakes that will be rubbish at the time and then change everything in your business in a brilliant way. 


2) Manage your expectations. As an actor I assumed, it was going to be one job that changed everything. It might be but that is a lots of energy that is directed in one place. So instead, I like to keep my options open. Be consistent, keep my eyes open as sometimes the least expected thing sticks. 


3) Ignore the rules. Your business. You choose. Yes of course learn from those who have done it but never ignore your own gut instinct. 


4) Boundaries. Be sooo clear in what the process looks like at every step. We know the rules when we go into the supermarket and buy food...because they have been set for us. You need to set your rules. In fact we want you to. As your potential customers we like to be told how things are going to move forward. 


5) I know it is tricky when you are starting out but try and spot your ideal clients; they are more likely to respect you and carry out their commitment. Your customer gets brilliant results and you get a great testimonials and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 


6) On the other hand, you may get a response you are not expecting...a no when you have agreed a yes...a personality of a client that certainly didn't reveal itself in the friendly coffee you had. An alternative request... 'Can you do these 1845 extra things we didn't agree on at no extra cost' If the parameters have changed you are welcome to question them...and CHARGE for them. 


7) Often a 'no reply' is not about did a great job. Perhaps your client is not ready/not in the right headspace/needs a different flavour/can't afford you...all of which are reasons not to chase and please do not spend time thinking about what you could have done. You did everything you could. If the client is right for you, they will come back. 


8)If you offer something for free, know why you are doing may be different to what you thought. Maybe you are worried that you are not ready. Maybe you want to be a nice person(this is not mutually exclusive to charging). Maybe you doubt your abilities. I have done all of these things but now if I give something I know why and often it is because I can and I want to. 


9) I look for ease in my business and will be looking for more going forward in 2017. I want it to be fun. I don't want to create unnecessary stress and I want to keep things simple. When things feel hard, I know I have to take a step back and reassess.


10) Say yes when you want to and say no when you want to. On both occasions do it with energy, conviction, integrity and kindness. 


BONUS: Don't spend oodles of time replaying the past on what you could have done... keep moving forward...