I'm a #gilrgaze ambassador

I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected by the Girl Gaze community as a #ggambassador 

When the opportunity arose I thought carefully as to why this would be a good fit. Creativity runs through everything I do; it comes so naturally to me. Sometimes we can feel like we should only do one thing... that is what we are told. I disagree, your only responsibility is to do YOUR blend of roles in whatever way suits you.

As an actor, I received a few 'Well, good luck being a mum AND an actor' when I was pregnant. I refuse to stop dreaming, creating and doing now that I am a mother. In fact, it is a responsibility that I take very seriously. If our son chooses to be creative I want him to see a variety of stories, opportunities and people. I know if I step into this realm it will show others that they can do it and sometimes our own permission is all we need! @girlgazeproject