How to get that Friday feeling every day

It is Friday and no doubt you will be thinking about your weekend plans.

I have been recently asking friends and family:

‘What does Friday mean to you?’ ‘Describe the Friday feeling’

and the results were fairly similar. 

It didn’t matter if they were retired, at school, in a corporate job or running their own business, the answers were:

‘I love that feeling of the weekend upon us’ ‘Friday afternoon can’t come quick enough’ ‘Saturday morning lie ins are the best’ ‘ After a long week, I can’t wait for that first glass of wine’.

Friday mornings are very different to Monday mornings. You may have already received a text saying ‘Wooooo, it’s Friday’. When you head out, it is likely you will see more smiles, people will be friendlier and more accommodating.

As I work for myself, my work is more flexible. I create my own hours and design my working week. I can work when I want. Sometimes, I am most inspired to write at 6am so I get up, make a pot of tea and start typing whilst the house is quiet. In a typical 8 hour day, my work could potentially finish at 2pm and leave me time to go out and do other things.

However, a 9-5 job doesn’t offer that. It is great at creating structure and a consistent salary but doesn’t allow alternative options. What if you are not a morning person and would prefer to work 12-8pm, what happens then? Or if you are a single parent and the only one who can pick your child up from school at 3:15pm? A friend told me that in his office, they start to look forward to Friday on a Wednesday ‘Half way there…’. This makes me sad. 

During your seven day week, how much of it do you look forward to? How much do you enjoy? Do you like your job? Or are you craving some more of what you love?

When you consider this time next year, do you still want to have this lifestyle?

You may love your job or it may be a constant dread?

Often life isn’t about huge changes ‘See you guys, I’m leaving, I have bought a caravan and I am moving to Mexico’, but it is about making small tweaks to make to day to day more pleasurable. 

1)   What do you love about your week? When do you feel in your element? What are your strengths? When you do you feel great?

What do you look forward to? Explore the specifics- if it is ‘being creative’ break it down. What does creative mean to you? What tasks are you doing? Why do you like?

2)   What do you dislike? Which parts of your week invite that sicky, nervous feeling deep in your belly? What keeps you awake at night?

What make you fearful? What tasks make you morph into your 9 year old self who wants to ask their mum and dad if they can stay at home and just watch telly today?

3)   What would your ideal situation look? Early finishes? Flexible houses? Working from home one day a week? More money? Moving departments or perhaps something completely different? Write down what you would like and what it would look like if you could pick and choose? 

4) What could you do? Start to generate some options of way you could make it happen. Jot down ideas and keep writing until you can’t think of any more and think out the box.

5)   Ask. Just ask. You don’t have anything to lose and you may end up getting the result you want. Carefully consider your strategy and support it with benefits for you and the company/team/organization and propose your idea. Don’t get stuck in the fear and you may end up creating a solution that will bring excellent value to all.