The truth about being a parent and freelancing

There are so many 'create your dream life' programmes out there so you can free up time and have lots of family time. 

I have a pretty great set up because I love what I do. I am so grateful for the variety of projects that come my way. BUT that doesn't mean I don't have to hustle or show up. Or just assume my audience will find me. I have to still be strategic and take action. 

Plus that doesn't mean to say my work wouldn't be easier with more childcare or staff. It would. My brain would function better with more kips. There are late nights, early mornings and a heck of a lot of planning and not as much 'me time' as I would like. 

But I wouldn't change it. 

This video takes you behind the scenes... keep going brilliant, freelancing parents- we are showing our children more than we know.