At the end of last year, I knew I wanted to shake things up...

I had a two year old who didn't sleep, I was always feeling stretched but never actually having any 'me time' to actually stretch. I was putting lots of time, effort, thought into my business but I wasn't getting the rewards I wanted. It was starting to really frustrate me. I have been running my portfolio career for over 15 years and it was time to go to the next level. I never assume it is something 'out there' that will change everything. I needed to do the internal work from here. 

I want to earn really well for what I do. I want to have an international business/presence. I want to move to our dream home. I want to extend our family. I want to do more of the stuff I love and less of the stuff I don't and build a team to help me. 

6 months on, I have noticed huge changes. These have not happened overnight. 

I have been tested along the way. However I thought it would be good time to reflect on the process I took. I have documented it for ten videos. So if you are just starting out or you too want to go to the next can watch the entire process