I cut my hair because I thought it would make me more professional (WHAAAT?!)

Oh hello down there...I can just about see you from my high and mighty life coach throne. I am slightly wincing because my tights are ever so small and the static of the tights vs the leather chair are causing all kinds of mischief. 

As you can see I am clasping my hands pretty tightly...so much so that you can't see any of my natural warmth that usually pings out of my sparkly (I'm often told) eyes. 

This was my first 'life coach' shoot. We rearranged the living room and I got my hair cut way too short in a panic as I thought it would make me look more professional (?!) and therefore better at coaching. Yes... logical thinking?!

I've never put this photo online before...mainly because it doesn't look nor feel like me. Swipe left to see the one I used until the point where I could no longer pretend that my eye bags hadn't changed somewhat in the last five years! :)

One of the biggest lessons I've learnt is that you can't sell/promote/share something that doesn't feel good to you and I'm a bloody trained actor... TRUE STORY!

Whatever is on your to do list at the moment, please check in with how you feel about it. I'm not talking about not doing it because it scares you but the stuff you feel you OUGHT to do because everyone else in your industry is doing it. 

Ignore and go back to basics and start from you.